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How Your Business Can Leverage Web Scraping

Before we start, just letting you know that many of the things mentioned below you can do yourself. You don’t necessarily need to hire someone to do it you can use a scraping software if you want. It really depends on the kind of field…

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developing pricemind

Building a Web Scraping Based SaaS Business, part 4

Data flow in PriceMind As I talked about it earlier, I’m developing a price intelligence platform for ecommerce companies. If you don’t know, this kind of stuff is heavily relied on data. The most important function I have to focus on is what actionable insights…

scrapy spider

How I Write Scrapy Spiders in Minutes

In the last post of my web scraping business blog post series I mentioned that I have a spider-creating system. This system makes me able to build scrapy spiders literally in minutes. With this system my only goal is to be able to produce new…

programming stack

Building a Web Scraping Based SaaS Business, part 3

Hey I’m back again with a new business documentation post. The last time we talked about how I validated my idea without starting to code. Now in this one, I’m gonna go (sort of) deep on the technical side. What programming languages I use for…

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Building a Web Scraping Based SaaS Business, part 1

This is not a tutorial on how to scrape the web. This is something new I’m trying out. I’ve decided to document the whole process of creating my new “business”.  And as you would think from the post’s title it is based on online gathered…

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css selector

How to Write the Best XPATH and CSS Selectors for Your Web Scraper

Selectors are one of the most important pieces of your scraper. Well-written selectors make your web scraper work efficiently and fast. When the website’s layout changes your scraper’s selectors need to be changed as well. Then, in a well-established scraping environment the only things that…